January 13, 2008

easy like sunday morning

i awoke this morning with too much on my mind, too much on my to-do list and too little time. i crawled out of bed, and noting the chilly-ness of my front room, decided a nice, comforting fire in the fireplace was in order. those of you who know me can attest to my love of cozy fireplaces. i dozed on my couch for awhile, until something strange woke me up. sunshine was streaming in my windows right into my face. what an instantly beautiful morning. i decided, then, that my to-do list of worries can wait, and basked in the sunlight, practically purring with contentment, while the crackle and fluttering of the flames in the fireplace further soothed my frazzled soul.

so while i didn't make one single bit of progress towards vanquishing anything i woke up with, it'll keep. why spoil this morning? i'll just leisurely get ready for church and enjoy the beautiful drive over there, and once i'm there, the vanquishing will take care of itself.

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