December 1, 2007

welcome winter!!

the weather has been sympathetic to my mood today and kindly obliged me by snowing. as i write this, the snow flurries are falling thick and fast. not so unusual, you may say. however, for soggy seattle snow is something not often seen, especially this early in the winter season. but what about my mood, you say? as i putter around my house, i have been feeling more frantic as my to-do list increased and remaining daylight decreased. recovering from thanksgiving travel & laundry and waging war on the entropy that seeks to overcome the order in my house (not to mention the errands that need running) was quickly sapping my will and focus.

and then, oh happy snowflake! one appeared out my window, followed by another, then another, and then i lost count. immediately overcome with urge to put on christmas music and sit by the fire with a good book and avoid roads (lots of hills in seattle) that were rapidly frosting over, i pre-empted my endless to-do list and opted not to go out this afternoon. already planning to put my christmas tree up and wrapping my nearly-completed christmas shopping, i decided to succumb to the wintry wonderland-ness of today and hunker down at home. at least for a few hours.

tonight, kirkland downtown is presenting a lakeside bonfire with christmas carols, beckoning my bundled-up attendance with a friend. i think hot chocolate is in order.

happy snowy saturday wishes to all!!

Photographing Snowflakes
Wilson Bentley, 1922

for more on snowflake photography, click here.

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Shanna said...

I love the Sarah McLachlan "Song for a Winter's Night" Thanks for introducing me! It also helps to convey that feel good feeling that comes from a snowy evening when you are hunkered down inside. I wish I was there experiencing it with you. Boy, it makes me miss you a TON. Come visit us... just get here!

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