October 4, 2007

hey you

so i never had a nickname growing up, probably due to the fact that there just aren't that many variants of erica. now i have too many to choose from:

  • my rockstar name: goldfish liberty
  • my gangsta name: half baked snickerdoodle
  • my 'fly guy/girl" name: e-sco
  • my detective name: green beagle
  • my soap opera name: geneve stanford
  • my Star Wars name: sco-er
  • my superhero name: The Blue Diet Dr Pepper
  • my Nascar name: lester walter
  • my witness protection name: jo brinton
  • my tv weather anchor name: alleman amsterdam
  • my spy name: christmas dahlia
  • my cartoon name: raspberry pulloverie
  • my hippy name: french toast dogwood
  • my rockstar tour name: the sleeping thunder tour
how did i come up with these? give it a guess! which is your fave?

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