September 16, 2007

ponder me this

some of you may know that i'm considering going back to school. again. for the 2nd time since i graduated from byu 4 years ago. am i crazy?

i'm thinking about getting my MBA. soon. my plan is to enter a program next fall (yep, that's less than 1 year from now, Sept 2008).

BYU's Marriott School is ranked number 18th, and is my #1 choice. (tuition is practically a quarter of what it would be elsewhere; as my alma mater, it is near & dear to my heart; get to spend quality time with those friends i've left back in utah; cost of living, blah blah blah). 2nd choice? University of Washington, for the obvious reasons (wouldn't have to move, my family is near, i LOVE seattle).

so that's 'Decision Numero Uno".

"Decision Numero Dos" brings me to the bewildering question: how the heck do I narrow down my interest to one field, like the MBA recruiters all recommend? right now, my interests lie in 4 divergent directions:
  1. Human Resources/Organizational Behavior (pretty obvious due to my current career path)
  2. Information Systems (my friend Sami & I would like to develop a more intuitive HR software; it's all dreamed up in our heads, but needs focus, direction and planning)
  3. Real Estate (the only thing that gets me more excited than houses and fixing up houses is travel)
  4. the GREAT UNKNOWN (maybe there's something i haven't even considered yet, that's staring me right in the face)

of course, this all hinges on a) how well i do on the GMAT, and b) whether i'm even accepted AT ALL....

so, dear readers, what do YOU think? any of you out there with a MBA? any considering an MBA? any out there with a Master's? any without? any and all insight is much appreciated. . .


Lisa -- said...

I say, Go for it! I would even apply to Harvard MBA just for the heck of it. Just start the process and see where it takes you. You will have time to figure out everything else. Michael's undergratude degree is from the Marriot School in Accounting is HIGHLY regarded and noted in the business world with people he has associated with. People are impressed. Strong reputation; you can't go wrong, if decide there.

Shanna said...

You are crazy, girl! And I love the idea! I don't have any helpful information about MBAs but I think you are awesome and can handle such an adventurous adventure! I love you, Erica!

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