August 26, 2007

i LOVE sunday naps

oh, how blissful my sunday was today! i went to 9am church this morning (instead of my usual 1pm) as a friend is thinking of moving into a new ward over in the university area and needed some moral support. nothing like showing up in a different ward and having ALL EYES on you.

anyway, back to my sunday bliss: with early morning church meetings out of the way, and time to drive around seattle in the sunshine as we investigated her new potential living arrangements, we still made it back to the eastside by 230 pm. plenty of time to bake a quick batch of cookies and then, wonders of wonders, SLEEP on my sofa for a couple hours before i went to my sister & brother-in-law's for dinner. can i just say, sleeping with the windows open on a sunny Sabbath afternoon, with nothing but the birds chirping, is next to heaven. or so i imagine.

now, if only that nap won't keep me up too late. dang it. Why oh why do we have to go back to work on mondays? mondays should be outlawed, and sunday naps in-lawed.

1 comment:

Aaron said...

Boy, I love Sunday naps! And this is Shanna, not Aaron!

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