June 17, 2007

it's contagious

so, i'm sitting there in church today, listening to the speaker and contemplating sundry items of a religious nature. it's church, right? appropriate behavior. then my friend, sasha, shatters my contemplation by giggling silently to herself. while i admit, a distraction was rather diverting at the moment, i couldn't connect her gaiety with corresponding humor from the pulpit. what was she laughing at?? when i quizzically raised an eyebrow at her, she mouthed (it was CHURCH after all) 'i'll email it to you later. you'll die laughing.'

so tonight, this is what was waiting in my inbox:

so this is why I was laughing during church earlier. (I started hearing this guys laugh in my head and it cracked me up) I had tears in my eyes earlier because I was laughing so hard!!

starts slow, but keep watching:


i've embedded the video below for your viewing pleasure. aren't dads great? this is apparently some guy's dad's real laugh. . .

happy father's day, daddy! great families start with great parents and i have the best.

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