June 6, 2007

family ties

can i pontificate about the fabulousness that is my family? while i have been 250% swamped at work, my mom came up from the tri-cities and (nearly) single-handedly packed my 2bedroom apartment for moving this past weekend. with my boss in italy for 2.5 weeks, the bulk of processing 100+ new hires and our 1200 current partners for payroll yesterday fell on my seemingly inadequate but apparently competent shoulders. while i stepped up to my occupational challenge, my family rose to the domestic one.

i always forget how much stuff i have until i have to move it. oddly enough, i move it A LOT! i think, in the past 9 years that i've lived on my own, i've moved about 10 times. *phew* maybe it's just in my blood. maybe i've got wanderlust, but only for houses. maybe i'm crazy.

thank you, mom, for the countless fragile items wrapped, boxes packed and meatloafs frozen.

thanks daddy, for the truck rental, furniture-over-balcony & into said truck logistics, and movement of boxes (and furniture) from point A to point B to point F and back to point B again for good measure.

monica & jessica~ assistant box packers and keepers of sanity

michael & nate~brothers-in-law extraordinaire and muscles-for-hire (wait, does that mean i'll be getting a bill?)

riley~darling niece and welcome distraction at the end of each long day

where would i be without you?

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