May 17, 2007

i almost couldn't believe it

it's almost too good to be true: flanked by the LAWNMOWER races, axe guy is contemplating a watermelon he's attempting to squash with his soon-to-be felled log. even better is what is emblazoned across his tight black t-shirt:

"die hippie scum"

it kills me. i laughed so hard i was crying....or was it from all the dirt churned up by the lawnmowers? truly an experience i will treasure forever. ya can't beat a pancake breakfast followed by a small-town parade with a chaser of good ol' axe-wielding, chain-sawing, 4x4 racing, tree-scaling fun.

watching a live logging show is an unforgettable experience.

BTW, he didn't squash his watermelon. poor axe-man. . .guess he'll have to go flex his biceps in some other event.

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