March 14, 2007

black is black

so i love the little highs that unexpectedly occur (even on my soberest days). . . .

here i am, driving down the freeway, late at night, flipping thru the stations on the radio, looking for the right sound, without even realizing that's what i'm searching for. distracted by the inner conversation unceasingly present inside my head, i suddenly have a revelation. i have found it! my moment of happiness and the only witness to my epiphany is myself. i am belting out a chorus to an oldies song and find i'm am smiling in spite of myself. life seems pretty good through that window in time. traffic-locked seattle is surprisingly free of gridlock and cares seem far away.

ironically, it's a song about longing for love lost--but does that matter? i look like a fool to the guy sitting next to me at that red light, but who cares? i don't. i'm belting it out with los bravos.

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