January 10, 2007

houston, we have a problem

i pose the question: deep impact or armageddon?

some would say deep impact; i favor armageddon (maybe because that was the FIRST hollywood earth-destroying-life-nullifying meteor-on collision-course-with-earth epic i saw that summer of '98)

how about this food for thought? "If Hollywood can pony up a quarter of a billion in the name of defending our planet, why can't Congress?" yeah. think about that.

listen, can you hear mr. movietone's voice? "Friday the 13th of April 2029 could be a very unlucky day for planet Earth. At 4:36 am Greenwich Mean Time, a 25-million-ton, 820-ft.-wide asteroid called 99942 Apophis will slice across the orbit of the moon and barrel toward Earth at more than 28,000 mph. The huge pockmarked rock, two-thirds the size of Devils Tower in Wyoming, will pack the energy of 65,000 Hiroshima bombs -- enough to wipe out a small country or kick up an 800-ft. tsunami."

the premise: scientists have discovered a gargantuan rock hurtling towards our atmosphere on a course aimed for collision in 2029. no, it's not armageddon II or deep impact II (though hollywood's love affair with pointless sequals may not prevent its probability); i DID NOT make this up: a recent article in Popular Mechanics presents the case for the end of life as we know it.

friday the 13th. really.

will bruce willis still be available?

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