October 14, 2006

fall colors

so, today Monica, her boyfriend Nate, his sister Megan and I did the tourist-y seattle thing. yay! went to pike place market, and while we saw the smelly fish mongers, we didn't see one single fish fly through the air. the whole place was actually a little more grimy than i expected it to be. nonetheless, we meandered our way through the myriad levels of shops, some cool, some random, some downright frightening, all on this crisp, beautiful, slightly foggy seattle day.

it's unanimous: Seattle's Best Coffee has the best hot chocolate over Starbucks and Tully's. How quickly it became natural to wander around with a tall cup of steaming beverage everywhere (albeit, not the caffieneated, delicious-smelling cups of joe most seattleites favor). i'm becoming quite the non-coffee alternative conneissuer (aka hot chocolate, steamers, and other delicious delights). i embrace tom hank's quote in "you've got mail": "The whole purpose of places like Starbucks is for people with no decision-making ability whatsoever to make six decisions just to buy one cup of coffee. Short, tall, light, dark, caf, decaf, low-fat, non-fat, etc. So people who don't know what the hell they're doing or who on earth they are can, for only $2.95, get not just a cup of coffee but an absolutely defining sense of
self: Tall. Decaf. Cappuccino." Venti. non-fat. hot chocolate with whip. maybe sometimes short. breve. when i'm feeling decadent.

and of course, when we took the ferry to bainbridge island (beautiful but brrrr--time to break out the sweaters) what feels more natural than simultaneously experiencing frostbitten fingers from biting windchill and near-scalding heat from your tall non-fat hot chocolate (extra hot). . .

life doesn't get much better than this.

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