October 25, 2006

seattle in the fall

is really quite a beautiful thing. Just when I think uh, oh, here it is--the next 6 months are going to be non-stop rain--i'm surprised by the sun peeking out and lighting all the fall foliage to brilliant crimsons and golds. there's a slant to the light and a coolness to the air that makes me eager to get home and light a fire in my fireplace. did i mention i love seattle yet?

life is finally settling into a routine and the scary uncertainty/newness is beginning to wear off. i don't get lost quite as much anymore, i can confidently say i found a commute that bypasses the traffic jams everyday, my starbucks order just rolls off my tongue and i always have exact change, i've found a few great local restaurants and many great shopping malls. best of all, my darling little niece is only 20 minutes away, work is only 15 minutes away, and beautiful lake washington only 10. tired of people and crowds and water? then isolation is mine a mere second away as EVERYWHERE is surrounded by trees. while i miss sundance in all its fall glory, seattle is giving it a run for its money. i'm practically purring with contentment.

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